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Facebook Proposed Rights and Responsibilities

Facebook is going through an upheaval of their legal principles: a praise-worthy initiative, but by opening the sausage factory, they let us see how horrible the whole thing is. I already vehemently criticised the Principles; let me point at the contradiction between … Continue reading

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Facebook Proposed Principles are pandering

Facebook asks its users to discuss its Proposed Principles. I’m unhappy with the way those are expressed, and here is a more complete reply then the one I left on the over-crowded comments thread. Data cannot be owned: it has an … Continue reading

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A great interview with Bernie Hogan

I’ve been in Oxford for three weeks now, and I am surronded with great people; walking around the town every morning is great too — but it’s even better while listening to what really made this town proud: lectures.  Understanding … Continue reading

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The case of micro-payments

Freakonomics tried to summarize the controversy around micro-payments, and my my current co-cubicle Alejandro tried yet another comment.  Both are rather extensive, but I’m unhappy with either take, so I’ll try mine. News is a hard to define concept, invented … Continue reading

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Back to Oxford

After spending the time of my life last Summer at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) with the Summer Doctoral Program (SDP), I’m now back — thanks to the Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI) Exchange program. That’s a lot of acronym … Continue reading

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Facebook census

Facebook new focus-group/polling is very promissing, albeit most relevant aspects have been described only vaguely so far — and offers a great business mode; however, it doesn’t resolve users’ main concern: is it safe to have so much information centralized? Continue reading

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