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I’m late, I’m lost and on the right track

For the last two months, […] none of the expert made sense to me: […] people estimate the service from their direct experience. Usability is key, fast rendering reassuring, and you assume that those you see in your timeline are those who take interest in yours. Continue reading

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Generativity — Take 2: Hulu has issues closing itself

I didn’t want to appear hostile to the idea of generativity, a notion that I found far more appealing to economics then what J. Zittrain seems to assume; hopefully, the most recent development of the Hulu/Boxee disagreement gives me the … Continue reading

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Tethering Apps on Android and iPhone

Most of you should be familiar with Prof. Zittrain, a legal scholar, cult-worthy for his wit and ability to resolve lurking conflicts by going meta.  He tries through a book and a blog to prevent the Internet from being reduced … Continue reading

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Two great lectures on Community communications

Two really interesting talks on Video Lectures on how to understand community behaviour : both are long and fairly technical, but worth it. The Structure of Information Pathways in a Social Communication Network Jon Kleinberg from Cornell offers in half … Continue reading

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