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Two great lectures on Community communications

Two really interesting talks on Video Lectures on how to understand community behaviour : both are long and fairly technical, but worth it. The Structure of Information Pathways in a Social Communication Network Jon Kleinberg from Cornell offers in half … Continue reading

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Social Media reference on my twin blog

A colleague asked me references on Social Media; instead of an e-mail, I decided to write a long blog post, in French, on my twin blog. If you trust automated translators or consider yourself a leading figure around buzz, have … Continue reading

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Network externalities

An old wound came up while reading the last post Nick Carr’s excellent blog: the distinction between the different type of network externalities is not very well know.  The idea is not well known enough to be recognized by search … Continue reading

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Groups for Twitter

Trying to comment on a post about having co-workers adopt Twitter I just had a very simple idea for implementing groups on Twitter: what about giving groups a name, like each user has one. Direct messages to that account would … Continue reading

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If you speak French, or if you are interested in privacy

If you speak French, some of my colleagues have set up a questionnaire to understand how privacy work on-line and on Social Network Sites (see Judith Donath for hair-splitting; danah boyd is partying after her defence). It is a scientific … Continue reading

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Community relevance in complex network

The paper I would like to look at today is a 60 page long study of communities in complex graph by Leskovec, Lang, Dasgupta, and Mahoney — an earlier version was presented at WWW08 in Beijing. Jure Leskovec is a … Continue reading

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Learning how to publish

I’ve been trying to find away to make this blog useful, alive and more widely read. A simple idea came to me yesterday: I have a spectrum of academic alert feeds that allow me to often find great drafts to … Continue reading

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