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Generativity — Take 2: Hulu has issues closing itself

I didn’t want to appear hostile to the idea of generativity, a notion that I found far more appealing to economics then what J. Zittrain seems to assume; hopefully, the most recent development of the Hulu/Boxee disagreement gives me the … Continue reading

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Tethering Apps on Android and iPhone

Most of you should be familiar with Prof. Zittrain, a legal scholar, cult-worthy for his wit and ability to resolve lurking conflicts by going meta.  He tries through a book and a blog to prevent the Internet from being reduced … Continue reading

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Facebook census

Facebook new focus-group/polling is very promissing, albeit most relevant aspects have been described only vaguely so far — and offers a great business mode; however, it doesn’t resolve users’ main concern: is it safe to have so much information centralized? Continue reading

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