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I'm a PhD student in Digital Economics, and I love viennoiserie. Je suis un doctorant en économie (numérique) et j'aime la viennoiserie.

Welcome package

This blog has been silent for some time because I was struggling with a post about trolls, comments and talking about discrimination on-line. It was meant as a intelligent response to being profusely insulted by several people, some of whom … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky in giving away the news

Clay Shirky’s latest book (Cognitive Surplus, follow-up to Here Comes Everybody) is about generosity: giving away something making an effort for no apparent reason, outside of a closely controlled reputation system, without clearly anticipated benefits for doing so. It echoes my … Continue reading

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Three great things about David Kirkpatrick’s book

Second in my series: why you must read his book: (Offering it was fine, but I’d rather have the positive post wait in top of my list during the week-end) He offers a very nuanced articulation of accidental success vs. … Continue reading

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David Kirkpatrick’s book — three sentence reaction

I finished reading David Kirkpatrick’s The Facebook effect a second time; I took many notes and compiled them —ten page worth— but I’ll blog them progressively, to avoid dispersing the attention. First, it’s an essential book to read: so much, … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky on KQED

I wanted to use Clay Shirky’s promotional tour of his latest book as a pretext to criticise his work, but… he is really good. It’ll let you listen if you want to save on your book budget. Three elements in … Continue reading

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Mickael Arrington interviews David Kirkpatrick

Mickael Arrington interviewed David Kirkpatrick about his latest book: a very interesting conversation, less simplistic and as funny as his subsequent blog post where he compares Kirkpatrick to a teenager in love. The complicity between tech journalist is interesting—and characteristic … Continue reading

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Eye candy in lieu of an update

There’s this idea I’ve been rummaging for quite some time: Facebook could actually be the Open Social Graph that mention the Scriptures (en lieu of Diaspora, OSW, Buzz 3P structure, AppleSeed) — except the best way to open is to … Continue reading

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I’m late, I’m lost and on the right track

For the last two months, […] none of the expert made sense to me: […] people estimate the service from their direct experience. Usability is key, fast rendering reassuring, and you assume that those you see in your timeline are those who take interest in yours. Continue reading

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Asymmetric conversation on Twitter

I was upset at Twitter for a simple reason: many (A-listers) claim that it’s fantastic to have many people answer your questions. I’ve tried: it’s not — at least for what seams to me to be a standard account: around … Continue reading

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Generativity — Take 2: Hulu has issues closing itself

I didn’t want to appear hostile to the idea of generativity, a notion that I found far more appealing to economics then what J. Zittrain seems to assume; hopefully, the most recent development of the Hulu/Boxee disagreement gives me the … Continue reading

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