Why I left Quora

The last post on this blog was about Quora, a promissing community, so much so I had since left this blog unmonitored.
For almost two years, I was an active member. Last week, I came across a series of heinous and prejudiced answers — both signed and anonymous, something so despicable that it deserves no publicity here. When denouncing the harm those did, I was threatened with legal action and told by no less than three community administrators that accepting those silently was a rule on Quora, ironically called “Be nice”.
Under no condition will I continue to be associated with a website promoting that kind of prejudice; I severed all ties with Quora, with no hesitation.
As a consequence, I will resume this blog.

About Bertil

I'm a PhD student in Digital Economics, and I love viennoiserie. Je suis un doctorant en économie (numérique) et j'aime la viennoiserie.
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