Groups for Twitter

Trying to comment on a post about having co-workers adopt Twitter I just had a very simple idea for implementing groups on Twitter: what about giving groups a name, like each user has one. Direct messages to that account would be seen by all members of that group; I’m not sure it would make sense to have @group appear on the Replies folder of the members, or that it is easy to implement — but now that Twitter doesn’t send SMS in countries where it’s a financial trap, this could make sense.

Companies could have their name be a group of PR or Social media people, people could use it to hide context-dependant messages; groups that need their intimacy could hide under a private account, etc. That could also probably resolve many multi-user account issue.

This would change only the direct message functionality, and hardly so: simply duplicate messages sent to groups; I can’t imagine storing membership be an issue, especially of groups size is limited at first. The feature that many would ask, and that might be harder to implement is to have a group make a post in a collective name: maybe only post by member to the group would qualify for group emitted post (for public groups).

What do you think?


About Bertil

I'm a PhD student in Digital Economics, and I love viennoiserie. Je suis un doctorant en économie (numérique) et j'aime la viennoiserie.
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