Look Mama: no mouse!

A quick post to apologizes for not posting more, and to point at yet another prodigy in lowering the efforts to make information miracle happend on-line: Ubiquity is a Firefox extention that allows you to operate many common task (search on specific engines, share links, etc.) without having your hands leaving the keyboard. Just type Alt+Space, and a darken command line will undestand sentence as (semantically) complicated as ‘map this’ or ‘e-mail it to John’. It doesn’t sound impressive, but it is very impressive and useful to anyone who have been pestering against the search engine bar, whenever you wanted to have the map of that place, not the IMDb details to pop-up.

A better aspect is the openness: JS-experts won’t find it impressive, but many not-so-coding oriented will enjoy the intermediary step towards more tedious projects. I can testify you can, from scratch, modify a command in less then 10 minutes to make something usefull for you (in my case, a Google Scholar shortcut). I have many more ideas — all BibTeX, Papers or Scholarly oriented — but little time to implement them.


About Bertil

I'm a PhD student in Digital Economics, and I love viennoiserie. Je suis un doctorant en économie (numérique) et j'aime la viennoiserie.
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